Steel cans and packaging? Cars? Appliances? Scrap metal? Find the nearest steel recycling center to bring your steel products.

The Steel Recycling Database is a searchable online database that allows you to find recycling locations in your area. In development since the early 1990s, it is designed specifically to help you find a drop-off recycling center or curbside program where you can recycle your household steel materials. This database, brought to you by Steel Recycling Institute, contains more than 27,000 recycling options from various city and county recycling centers. By promoting recycling in the home it helps the continuous and sustainable life cycle of the steel industry.

In order to find steel recycling centers near you, please fill in the following fields. This information is necessary for our records and will not be used to sell or market products. Please note: All fields must be filled in completely or your search will return empty. Also, if you are using a service provider with a firewall system, your response may be delayed by the server. If you need immediate assistance, please call 1-800-876-7274.

The Steel Recycling Institute is a proud supporter of Keep America Beautiful's tax-deductible Car Donation Program. Click on the banner below to learn how your donation can help create clean, beautiful public places; reduce waste and increase recycling.

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